Get To Know me

I am a marketing consultant  from Paris and my main field of interest focuses on practices associated with branding, brand identity, communication strategy, social media strategy, search engine marketing (SEO/SEA/SMO) and all sort of matter related with visual communication. With strong conceptual thinking, creativity, creative-writer & digital skills, I like to assist brands & companies , in the way of promoting themselves, achieving a result that allows the information to be communicated in the best possible way and at the same time allows me to create meaningful and perception-altering content.

This short overview has sparked your interest


UX DESIGN: Particularly sensitive to design and users experience, I think to all my web's projects in a users-centric fashion! Why UX? The growing number of platform and increasing means of communication for each of them made it essential. My assets: help you to make your site attractive/intuitive/user-friendly and ensure a quick/total/comprehensive understanding of your message.

BRANDING: Brand identity is no longer limited to just a simple logo. My goal is to provide you with personalized assistance at every stage of your branding. To help you to design your graphic standards from the creation of your logo, to the typography, as well as the choice of your brand's colors.

CONSULTANCY: With a strong sens of communication and my background in marketing, I'm with you in all your projects. I'll give you tools to manage them and I'm alway ready to answer all of your questions and offer advice on project management, social media strategy, etc... Together we can built a great strategy for your communication in any medium.

Right now I am available for freelance.

I’m constantly motivated for stepping into new challenges, so don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, collaborations or projects request.